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  Creative Direction and Visual Identity!   We will rethink, engage and push forward. We help you to create a visual identity that enable you to reach your brands full potential.   Together with our clients we work closely to develop visual communication for lookbook development, visual images and still-life photography.   In this process we offer to handle both the brainstorm incl. moodboards/mockups, the photography, the on-set styling/hair/makeup as needed.   In close collaboration and according to our clients wishes, we also oversee that the optimal location, probs, models etc. are booked. Also we take care of post-production, including professionel retouche of pictures and are happy to help with layout inspiration and sparring for that final touch on your product.   Get in touch and let’s build your brand together.            
I work as a Copenhagen-based fashion photographer, driven by the modern and more rebellious version of fashion and art photography. I have been working as a professional, freelance photographer since 2007 and spent the first part of my career in art photography. My vision of the artistic and rebellious fashion image has made it possible for me to exhibit my rather personal and intimate work of visual art photography. I have on several occasions contributed with photographic art work for Copenhagen Fashion Week, galleries, wall-exhibitions, joined and solo photo exhibitions. I hold a Bachelors degree in English and Film and Media science from the University of Copenhagen. Along with a one year basic course in tv and film school, I have several years of knowledge and experience with TV production. Today I work with fashion and commercial photography, as well as being a creative partner. My personal style is contemporary and Nordic. Always with a clean look and a hint of attitude. I strive to take part in the creative playground, for the fashion photographers, who take the freedom to create a unique and personalized photo art. Due to my artistic background, I have had success with my liberal concept in the borderland between fashion and art, which characterizes and defines my personal style.
My expertise covers styling, makeup, hair artistry, and creative direction. I work in fashion, film, TV, music and the commercial industry with many years of experience. My work is diverse, creative and innovative. I have been fortunate to turn my innate gift into my passion and livelihood. I have a full makeup artist degree that covers beauty, theater and special effects. I also hold a Bachelors degree in International Sales and Marketing, which enables me to see the full scope, understand market forces and therefore giving me a good amount of theoretical support when functioning as a creative partner. My inspiration comes from everywhere! Amongst other things, I draw inspiration from architecture, landscapes, and people. Especially from people who dare to be different. People who don’t succumb to trends for the sake of being trendy, but simply are stylish because they fell comfortable in their own skin. My personal style and artistry, is a combination of classic/sophisticated and punk/Rock. I am a sucker for materials which make a statement but also like to be casual and chic at the same time. Being dressy is also a passion of mine, but the dress will most likely be black, and the jeans super tight. Like I always say: "Rock those high-wasted skinny jeans like you can breathe normally!" I am a big believer of using the magic of makeup and hairstyling, to enhance your natural beauty. Never cover and change!